The life we never lived

January 17, 2021 Off By ADETIE KENNEDY


        The life we never lived.

Our mum reminds us your promises everyday
Even before wedding With her on that beautiful bay
That you would raise us together during your stay
And that every bill you would be there to pay
It’s so ironical you’re now our nay
Left us totally with nothing to say

We live like we never had
You turned out to be adifferent kind of a dad
Don’t know if it’s that step mother that made you mad
That you decided to leave us sad

To our problems you are on top
It wasn’t our wish to live like a cop
Coz clothing, shelter, education not even a maize crop
Is something you left us never to hope
While the other side you provide everything including a soap.

You promised us your heart
But you’ve always given us a hurt
Inside and outside the hut
Taking everything from us coz you had the gut
To fight us, tearing us apart.

In our lives, we don’t recognise your post
We’re crying the most
Having everything lost
Nevertheless we shall pay the cost
Coz to us you’re just a ghost

Adetie Kennedy
The Last Missionary.