The sex i want.

August 20, 2021 Off By Joyce mwatha


I fell out of love with him on our first night_ no, he wasn’t ugly, he wasn’t short, he wasn’t dirty but he did it like a germy adult: quick, rusty, dry, with zero eye contact panting on me like a baby’s first time on a bouncing castle…

So i made love to him on a paper just so he may know- I’m the type of girl who loves to stretch under the sheets,
I hate too much saliva on my curves, but i also love being licked out but not in a ” dog lapping up water from a dish” way, just run soft laps up and down my v and its thick folds n lick it like it was the last berry at summer.
i also like to be fingered,slowly, the kind of passion’s touch, don’t twist inside me.

Yep, i said i like to stretch under the sheets n with the right strokes I’d scream for my master, with the right thrusts I’d whisper ‘mmmh, just like that don’t stop”

I like my master at control. When i bend n arch my back for you, pull my hair but not in a ” i want to rip it off your skull”way, i prefer it pulled gently with a tinge of rough-
And when you choke me: don’t try to kill me, its also a gentle rough touch-
I like my master strong enough to convince me that hell is not the only place that’d make us sweat…
Oops! I forgot to say, don’t rip off my clothes, as much as I’d want it,they’re bought- just make a sweet disorder on my dress.

So tell me, how do you like your job done?