The son of nobody

April 20, 2020 0 By Luqman

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………. A son of nobody……….

A son of nobody moves from street to street
Bows and prostrates like feeble animal that sees the preys
Combing the whole habit for what to ingest
But no powerful to empower his powerless

A son of nobody is a lethal ail in sodality
The repose of life spend always in roofless
Where the indigene of elusive world turn his intimate
With vileness all look in distance
And his appetite extinguish only with oddment

A son of nobody, like inhabitants of a jungle,
Clothes himself with rag in bundle
Scraggy body covered with it and millions filth

I, the son of nobody,
Search in anguish hunting my mother
As children elation lies with mother
But murdered my mother like antelope with tiger

Alas! A son of nobody is a half dead mortal
That await immortal to take his vital
As heaven he knows is absolute arena
Where the tiger and the antelope belong only to a owner.

__________S.L AYINLA__________
Any observation please