April 9, 2020 0 By Paul Oman

Her body sexy and beautiful
An ebony piece of art
Magnificently curved
Indeed a precious masterwork.

Simple yet majestic
From the toes to the head
You should see her especially
When she comes from the river.

Her feet clean and bear
Sexy toes you’ll want to suck
Legs thick and long
Smeared with the purest olive oil.

Her hips graceful and protruding
The climax of her physique
With groove she moves
Her colorful Kitenge swaying.

Her waist small
Fit with colorful African beads
Makes me want to feel
To grab and squeeze.

Her bosom perfectly shaped
Beautiful boundary between the coconuts
My eyes I can’t keep off
Makes me craving
For a drink of coconut milk.

Her head on her slim long neck
Beautiful with a cowrie shell necklace
Beautiful and majestic
With the water pot on her head.

This is my simple girl
Natural and pure
With no make up
My beautiful village girl!

┬ęPaul Abuk Oman