March 25, 2020 0 By JOSEPH OCHENGE

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Three card dosie doh
It’s just hard but I can do
I saw her wearing blue
But I didn’t mind if she came from the blue’s

I saw her wearing white
But wait!!
Her bag was black
I want her bag
But I guess I needed her back

She was shining like gold
But my heart was cold
I guess not that glitters is gold

She reminded me her days of old
Old is gold I guess
She told me a tell
Her stories of old
Her stories of war
It was funny though
People fought over her instead of fighting for her

Her confidence was bold
Her heart was old
She remembered her days of gold
Her days of old

Her heart broke
Her mind was broke
She was nothing but an owl
Her time was up
So she fled away

Her story was old
Her heart was gold
But she reminded me of her days of old.