April 19, 2020 1 By Kolapo blessing

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We fell asleep in one world and woke up in another
Where Disneyland is no longer magical,
Paris no longer romantic,
New York no longer stand up,
Chinese walls no longer a fortress.
Mecca is empty;
And churches are no longer
Seen as a place of refuge.

A world where Hugs and kisses
Become weapons,
Not visiting family, friends or neighbor
Is now seen as an act of love
Everyone who used to criticize my
Introvert lifestyle forcefully adopted it….

And when people ask how well
Am adapting to the change;
I ask “what change?”
I have literally practiced
Social distancing all my life.
People realized that money,
Power,Fame and beauty become worthless
As they cannot get you
The oxygen u’re fighting for…

What’s next??
Are we all going to die??
Well…to all the numerous questions,
Both the ones that
Are yet to be asked,
There’s just one answer
To all of them….