To all The Girls I Almost Loved

April 13, 2020 9 By Michael Daniel Aroka

Angela had eyes
darker than ebony
yet enchanted my mind

Beatrice had hair
silkier than my stallion’s man’s
yet captivated my lusts

Crystal had a laugh
that rung memories
yet delusioned my comfort

Diana had a personality
broken than Mama’s vase
yet I pitied her most

Edna tested my tempers
with atrocities of a Demon
Yet I always fell for her

Florence had a name
so felicitous indeed
but the name was on Street

Gladys was full of mirth
that hardly concealed a tear
thus I was never sure

Hannah was too demanding
yet in the least a pressure
so as of her I despised

Immaculate wasn’t spick
leave alone span
thus revolted I was

Janice was of streets
known from all lodges
thus I escaped her claw

Karina was too much
upon trees with whistles
so opted not to struggle

Lucinda loved dishes
of her stomach she prioritized
so I cancelled her out

Margaret was a name too drab
and of her I feared
thus her I forgot

Nadia flattered too much
All bartenders knew her
and of her I saw unto nay

Ophelia was a wrecking ball
so rough behinds doors
my furniture I pitied so no

Patricia had a green eye
upon all skirts by me-doomed
thus behold no

Quinter never faired with mama
ever it was tantrums
no way! I loved mama

Rosella was a heart-stealer
all men feared her as psyche
one heart I had only so no

Susan looked down on me
cause I lacked a pegasus
how’d my son look at me, no

Talia was hated by all
because the father was a witch
no! our blood couldn’t mix


Ufrecier was just too much
right from name to character
spare me please

Vivian was so close to heart
but her timidness was revolting
and I wanted independence so no

Winnie was too sweet
she’d spoil my children
no!mama wanted upright children

Xenophobia of my mind on women
confused my soul
punctuated my heart

Yolanda hardly faced me
she’d never love I thought
not even a consideration

Zenith of perfection
was impossible it seems
will I find a name worth
a woman my dreams…