Uncle’s waltz

May 12, 2020 0 By Duncan Kiplimo

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His mouth full of night and water
He is of no use
He knows no one
No shield no costume
No cross tide.
By the coolabah tree he sang
“Come waltz with me,come”
A tree where doves come to die
His glass of daiquiri down on cold grass
A shoulder for death to cry upon
Uncle’s doleful and quavering.
His day is more of night than night.

Waltz waltz waltz
With the armchair and book of death
Of itself,of death,
The darkened Garret.

“I will leave my mouth between your legs
I will have to
I want air”

And his dead legs kept time
His dead body held me athwart
Dying close,as if to say
LORD!give me AIR😥