Voices of Hope

October 31, 2020 Off By Suchismita Ghoshal

Dwindling between confusion and fear,
I could no more entertain my ghoulish thoughts
To bejewel me with the tempestuous howls.
Stunning aura of stars are not far
Even if I find the nature slushing me
With its sharpest stroke and gnashing
Its vile teeth on my sleek and tender skin.

Intoxicating negativity cajoles me to death,
And I save myself from its lecherous trap.
My skin nurses its cuts and wounds
Only for the elegant hope to come
And heal the coarsened layers with
Its smooth touch and miraculous ambrosia.
I loiter here and there to trace the hope.

The voices of hope are extremely redolent,
Sheathed with the sweetened saccharine,
Pasted with the cherries of euphonious love,
Sung like the hymn of alluring triumph
Like the aubade in the celestial morning
And serenade in an euphoric evening.
My lamentation will end with the sound of hope.

My luck will ensconce me with the gorgeous hope.
One day, I shall sing the lullaby of beautiful recovery
From my wailing shriek and whining aches.
I shall wear the gems of untouched persona,
Adorned with the merry notions of my battle.
My voices of hope will inspire millions
By blossoming the ray of smile for a zillion times.

~ ©storytellersuchismita