Wanting to Live

September 10, 2020 Off By Anissa Sboui

Wanting to Live

As Isabel inquires about the days she spent alone,
Wanting to know why things happened when she was
Too coy.
Why the subservient dog gave up, not barking anymore
She opened the wardrobe, obsessed by the pursuit of joy
Wanting to live, not one might annoy

Sad sensation of an approaching departure
Isabel waits and waits,
A hundred years elapsed
Lying to a self, she was
Mild tears tear up her curious mind
Pretence seizes her love for an instant rupture

Glamour, power blurs her way
A unique island, a gift
On a sweetest birthday,
Knowing not that life is worth selling
Thinking of a more civilized creature

Isabel wants to live
To obscure mortal rumors
To pepper the years with icing sugar
Chilled cheesecake tastes hot,
Though the lips are swollen.
All she awaits creeps into
A pinch of cumin
Cumulating an acute account
Of the castrated bodies of the Medusa
Like a circumscribed boy
In ancient times

She wants to live
In an arena
A wooden cave, she dwells in
Surrounded by an intimate ferocity
Animosity calls her on the spot
Desiring, a secret treasure, to give
Isabel knows well, sister Serena
The woman, writing dots
… Leaving vacant pages,
But who will fill them in?
Who dares that?

Isabel wants to live
The rosy bed embellishes that black view
Deserted it becomes
Not the one to forgive
Assembling the far crew

She needs to make her troubled sleep
Be defined anew
As a sordid cigarette
Whose flame flies
She spends most of the seasons
Flapping vaguely
Though her agony is deep

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Many times she reassesses herself
Has grasped the meaning of burying the past,
Treading on foes in full blast
Of summer heat,
Isabel crushes ashes
And feeds the starving with red meat

Still-born, Isabel wants not to die
Abandons Tramadol pills
Destroys tablets
Evacuates doctors’ phone calls
Laughs out loud, smiles and sings
A daring dance shakes those white walls
The body does fly
Like a red riding kite.