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So,on my daily routine activities, I asked a friend to define a man for me.She laughingly told me that a man is any creature that has beards and puts on trousers.I sarcastically laughed off but deep down my brain were numerous questions of how anything with beards qualified to be a man.I remembered my grandpa’s he-goat that had a bush of beards too.
I ain’t surprised of how the snapchatting Instagram generation lacks a real definition of a man.;How on earth do you expect a cohort brought up electronically without cultural orientation to give a meaningful sentiment!
There is no distinct definition of what goes into making a man and because of this,we are faltering.
Male culture lacks an inspiring standard to live up to and that’s even why we are struggling more than ever to find purpose.
Manhood is being beyond a husband and a father. A man needs to be structured fully and this does not come from the blues,it rather starts from a dotline thanks to the proverbial Rome.For a man to be worthy,he needs guidance and role. If you think I am in my own planet,try telling a boy to become a man without guidance or try baking in a zero gravity oven and see what happens.

Man hood commands virtues and condemns vices.The philosophical Aristotle said that without virtue,a man is most unholy and savage.Show me a non-virtuous man with a successful,respected manhood and I will show you a long-sleeved bra.
Men form a building block of the family and can never be replaced,thus men have the ability to give life to the community.Even from creation,man was given the head and leading role.He was put to be in charge and responsible.
I am not a prophet but I will tell you this for free,for a society to prosper ,it needs it’s men to be purpose-oriented,self driven and have a third eye.This explains why a man can not reveal his shortcomings no matter how though frustrations maybe.
Men are made of diamond and steel,they undergo torture to put smiles in the faces of women and children.
A man owns up and grasps his mistakes. He lays claim to who he is and what he was whether he likes them or not.
A man does not point out that he did the dishes.
A man knows his tools and how to use them,he knows which saw fits where,he knows how to find the stud and when to use galvanized nails.
Also,a man loves the human body and the revelation of nakedness. He loves the physics of the human skeleton and the alternating current of the flesh. He is thrilled by the waist and sight of a bare shoulder too.
All these comes as an additive to manhood.
Therefore,a man is the most precious thing to have happened.It’s through men that we redefine life. It’s through men that we learn to be selfless.Or don’t you know that women walk around with men’s ribs?
Men are pearls,let’s always pray for their well being.And Confucius had it all when he said that true goodness springs from a man’s heart and all men are born good.
Mark my works,all men are good just from birth,but all depends on how you handle him.

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©As written by Lamech Obare