Why try too Hard?

May 23, 2020 0 By Habeebllah Damilola

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This is an open letter to all
Men and women, old and young
The question I want to ask is “why?”
Why do you have to try so hard?

Why try too hard to be perfect?
A being without flaws or mistakes
Do you even have to be perfect?
No! ’cause imperfection is perfect

Wearing a mask to conceal your fears
Hiding beneath your sorrows and despair
Living a life of full of lies and deceit
Why try to be someone that you’re not?

’cause the world expects it from you?
Wrong! It’s definitely not who you are
You have to be the you, you ought to be
Not the you, they expect you to be

You can’t be perfect for everybody
But you can always be the best for you
You’re never going to be good enough
Try too hard and people will still criticize

Why do you have to be your alter ego?
The alternate personality; different from you
‘You can be perfect’ Wake up! That’s your ego
Only he is perfect; the supreme being over you

Stop trying to please them all
Stop pretending like all is well
Don’t try too hard to be perfect
Perfect should try to be you

Imperfection on it’s own is beautiful
Even our fingers aren’t equal; lovely
Imperfection makes us more likeable
Trying to be perfect is way to hard

Ask yourself now;
Why are you trying so hard?
Why do you have to be perfect?
Why become someone you’re not?