Writing Courses

So you want to be a writer?

Writing courses

Maybe you are already one but you have not started writing, because, as many budding writers say, they do not know how to do it. You might have a story, a whole story, or most of them but they are stuck in your mind and you have no clue about how to pen them and bring them out of the system.
Relax; The Writers Pen will assist you by showing you how to organize your ideas and transforming them into a flowing story. It does not matter if you are planning to do an anthology (collection) of short stories, or publish a novel.
We do not stop here, we are not only going to give you the tips on self-publishing, but when requested, will help you self publish your manuscript and have your dream of having your name on the cover of a fascinating novel, or book.

The Course

The 15-lesson course is offered by Patrick Ngugi, the founder, and owner of The Write Academy. Patrick is a veteran journalist, an author of 10 novels, and also a poet. Over a period he has giving consultancy and lessons on an individual basis on Creative Writing.
This course is given purely online but students who desire can receive them through snail mail (Post) if desired. Regular lectures and weekend workshops will also be organized. The course is aimed at equipping the student with the skill needed to become a good if not a better writer. It will show you the areas in which you need to improve, and also give you the basics that you need to pay attention to as you build your writing career.
We will share with you the tips and tricks that have been used by many successful writers. Following the lessons and carrying out the exercises given, will sharpen your writing skills, and hopefully also open to new ways of doing things that you hadn’t known about previously.
Here is the breakdown of our course.

Lesson One

Introduction – what you need in order to write. Are writers born or made. Briefly we touch on what one needs physically and mentally/spiritually [not religious sense] in order to become a writer.

Lesson Two

We introduce the genres; different types of writing. Horror, romance, science fiction, crime etc.

Lesson Three

Where do ideas come from. We show you how to create a bottomless well of ideas, and how to use everyday situations to inspire you for ideas.

Lesson Four

Introducing the elements including character, plot, and setting.

Lesson Five

More on elements and literary devices – The Voice, Action, dialogue etc.

Lesson Six

The setting, Theme and Plot.

Lesson Seven


Lesson Eight

Description and Dialogue

Lesson Nine

Working on the chapters [Chapterization]

Lesson Ten

The writing itself

Lesson Eleven

Writers’ block

Lesson Twelve

After the first draft – editing

Lesson Thirteen

Submitting to the Publisher

Lesson Fourteen

Self publishing, Soft [online] and Hard copies [printed].


This Course will take Seven Weeks of Flexible Focus on your writing.


Become a certified writer after completing our course.


The fee for the course is KSh 2500 which can be paid in installments, and it will include:

  • The course material,
  • Exercises plus critique and further tips that may not be in the course material, depending on the need of the student.

However, if you need us to guide you in the writing of your Novella, you can enroll for our Premium course, which will cost you Ksh 4,000 which may also be paid in installment.


  1. You will get a certificate at the end of the training.
  2. You can secure writing jobs with us or our partners.
  3. We will link you with clients in your areas of interest.
  4. You can be published with us if you so wish.
  5. We can help you market your work.
  6. We will expose you to writing platforms.
  7. You will get free writing consultancy within the course period.